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The ideal household products for DIY carpet cleaning exercises.

Carpet stains are the kind of unprecedented messes we all like to avoid. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your dog that has the habit of walking on your carpet with muddy paws, or your 5 year old daughter who has the tendency of dropping paintballs all over your brightly colored rug repeatedly. The headache is all the same. Luckily, there is a very broad variety of readily available products which can be used to curb the damage caused. The fact that most of these carpet cleaners can be easily found at home is what makes them all the more ideal for the job.

Vinegar, ice cubes, water and club soda can be used to substitute for generic carpet cleaning products. Normally, they work well in situations whereby the spillages have not overstayed on the carpet to cause permanent stains. It is important to note that smudges on the rug should be dealt with immediately to avoid irreversible damages.

Carpet spots that leave deep colors behind are usually very tough to remove. The best way to handle such a mess is through blotting. Club soda and water are perfect for this task. Avoid scrubbing the carpet if the stain proves difficult to remove. This will only make matters worse. For stubborn stains, mix Borax and water. They never disappoint.

When all else has failed, baking soda or vinegar can always come to the rescue. These two ingredients perform the carpet cleaning exercise effortlessly. You will not need to scrub the rug at any point. However, it is mandatory that you rinse them out after the job is done. This ensures that the carpet does not bleach and its color is retained.

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